Nokia 7705 twist


Nokia recently unveiled the new Nokia 7705 twist, a device using a form of narrative UI, where personalizable avatars are moving in the third dimension in relation to your communication patterns, and the space communication ambient information such as network/battery/time/location by altering it’s design.

While leading an exploratory translation of Nokia brand promise of delivering ‘very human technology to feel close to who and what matters’, I’ve linked this exploration with one on the consequences of an always-on world, aiming at articulating the need for new metaphors to manifest a communication becoming more organic.
The 7705 is the commercial version of this exploratory design research. It is one direction opening the path to a new business.
This was one of these early projects to articulate both the aggregation of communication channels per avatar (call, sms, email, flick, etc), in one place, the homescreen, and new metaphors to represent communication status.

Why do I blog this? Because as such aggregation expands to more channels rapidly new forms of representation will soon be necessary.
What is it to move to an ‘always on’ world where you are permanently connected to your contacts?


One Response to “Nokia 7705 twist”

  1. Rahul Sen Says:

    I love this idea Remy! Great stuff!

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